We are proud to offer locally sourced, pasture raised beef and pork from small farms in the Kawarthas, processed at our local abattoir Otonabee Meat Packers. Sides of pork from heritage breeds and naturally raised beef are butchered nose-to-tail in our shop every week and we prepare our gluten-free sausages in house. All of our beef, pork, chicken and lamb is raised without the use of additional antibiotics or hormones. 

RWA Red & Black Angus

Artisan Farms, a collection of small farms in Westbury County and Southern Ontario, has a family history of breeding Aberdeen Angus. This particular breed of cattle (which can be red or black) is known for its superior marbling and for pasturing well over the winter. Together with other Ontario farmers producing certified RWA (raised without antibiotics) purebred Aberdeen Angus, Artisan Farms supplies a variety of particular cuts of steak of exceptional quality and flavor. We are happy to offer custom cut to order steaks for every occasion. 

Heritage Bred Pork

Tamworth and Berkshire breeds of pork are ideally suited for outdoor production and especially for forage-based farming systems, as they fair very well throughout the winter months and are especially efficient at rooting for food in the forest or pasture. Being exposed to a variety of foodstuffs, these heritage breeds of pigs develop a depth of flavor that is not found in commercial, industrially raised pork. 

AAA Delmonico Steak, 3 weeks aged.
Tamworth Pork Rib Chop
Slow Cooked Pork Back Ribs, heat in oven for 25mins for fall off the bone ribs

Cage-Free Chicken

King Capon is a family owned and operated farm located in the heart of the Greenbelt in Sharon, Ontario. They raise their chickens in a cage-free environment with a natural nutrient density feed consisting of wheat shorts, corn, distiller's grain and soy. They work closely with local Mennonite growers and process their chicken by hand on site. It is then air-chilled to ensure the best quality flavor and tenderness. 


Apricot & Fennel chicken sausage, prepared and pre-cooked in house. 

Club Packages

Small Box

Large Box


2 lbs Ground Beef

2 Pork Chops

4 Mild, Hot Italian or Honey Garlic Sausages

1 lb Bacon

2 New York Striploin Steaks

4 lbs Ground Beef

4 Pork Chops

8 Mild, Hot Italian or Honey Garlic Sausages

2 lbs Bacon

2 New York Striploin Steaks

2 Top Sirloin Steaks

Chicken Box


4 Boneless Skinless Breast

4 Whole Legs

1 Flat Chicken (Lemon Pepper or Tandoori or Jerk)

2 lbs Chicken Wings (Lemon Pepper or Tandoori or Jerk)

1 lb Ground Chicken

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